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Being queer is pretty freakin’ awesome. We get to experience knowing and choosing ourselves, expressing ourselves consciously, and authoring our beautiful lives in ways many folks never get a chance to. 

That’s true of our leadership, too – we’re uniquely positioned to embody powerful leadership qualities, like authenticity and emotional intelligence (EQ), to lead with creativity, to adapt as things change around us, and to foster radical inclusion. 


And yet…


Many of us have had experiences (in life and work) that have worn on our confidence. 


Ever felt:
😿 an imposter? 


😿 you’ve had to choose between your authentic expression and being seen as a leader? 


😿 ...skeptical of the whole endeavor of ‘leadership’ because it seems like it was made for straight, white, cisgender men? (tbh, a lot of it was.)


You’re not alone! 


We work with queer leaders like you every day, and let us tell you…whatever our specific challenges are, we’re all working on growing our confidence.


Of course, as queer leaders, we’re building confidence in the context of a whole lot of other…stuff: normative ideas about what a leader looks like and how leadership operates, queer & transphobia, white supremacy culture, and more.  Effectively, we’re over here trying to get confident as leaders while riding a unicycle on a tightrope and juggling bowling pins. 


Oh…and the bowling pins are on fire. 

Join us for a powerful conversation about queer leadership. We'll explore what the heck confidence really is, unpack the dominant leadership norms that surround us, and explore how we can foster radical leadership confidence by queering our leadership. You'll leave with newfound inspiration, actionable insights, and a stronger sense of self-assurance in your leadership journey. 


We welcome queer leaders from any level across all sectors, whether you have direct reports or not. If you lead anything, anywhere, you are a leader!


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Binary Thinking, Engendering Hate: Demystifying the Attacks on CRT and Gender Affirming Policies in Schools
Binary Thinking, Engendering Hate: Demystifying the Attacks on CRT and Gender Affirming Policies in Schools
Join us as we talk about the intersection of the attacks on critical race theory (CRT) and gender affirming policies in schools. We hope that this discussion will spark important conversations and shed light on existing false premises and hasty generalizations spurring these attacks.
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